* Napkins
* Trash bags
* Flash Drives (For clients to keep)
* Plastic Wear (spoons, forks, knives)
* Paper plates (normal size)
Single Serving Packaged Lunch Items
* Chips - Potato, Dorito, Cheetos, Corn Chips
* Putting, Jello, Yogurt (Single Serving - Good Expiration Date)
* Packs of cookies, single serving desert crackers
* Sugar Free Snack Puddings (un-refrigerated)
* Fresh Fruit: Bananas, Oranges (only)
* Single serving Cheese Crackers, Peanut Butter Crackers
* Bottled Water

What we need:
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Drop off your lunch item donation at MC Chapel Fellowship, St Joseph Bldg on the Abbey Campus, adjacent to the event center.
  • Passenger Van (to provide rides to appointments, from to shelter)
  • Refrigerator (refrigerate day center perishable items - ministry kitchen refrigerator too small)
  • Desk top computer (replace ministry computer re purposed for day center)
  • 2) Picnic tables (out side nice day use - lunch)
Wrapped Sandwiches
We have arranged to provide freshly made-wrapped sandwiches.
Two local kitchens are offering to prepare at cost, sandwiches daily
Our cost is $2.50 per sandwich. You have an opportunity to donate money to cover the cost for this part of the day center lunch.
Wish List
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Giving a hand up, not a hand out
  Helping the homeless and those in crisis begin recovery.
JSL Homeless Day Center is a ministry of
MCI Recovery Ministries