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A Mini Day Center for the Homeless!
MC Chapel Fellowship in association with Loaves and Fishes Ministries of Fremont county provides a safe place to come to during the day, to rest, have lunch, receive support and find direction.

Many communities, including ours are experiencing a large increase of homelessness and people in crisis. We are seeing more people on the streets asking for a handout, where many live in makeshift tents trying survive. Our Fremont County homeless shelter is being stretched and strained. Many are turned away because the shelter's limit on overnight occupancy. Those in the shelter are required to leave the shelter everyday between 8 AM and 4 PM. The shelter is not equipped to help people during the day.

MC Chapel Fellowship brings a solution to help this growing problem.  We are asking you to take just a moment from your busy schedule to learn about this ministry and what we are doing. We hope you will become involved in some way by learning about the various opportunities to help this ministry and the homeless day center get off the ground and expand.

Jump Start Life Day Center
MC Chapel Fellowship's ministry team helps our local homeless shelter by facilitating life skills classes. We entitled our classes Jump Start Life and we use our own published workbook titled Jump Start Life Now. These classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings exclusive for the shelter clients. To compliment Loves and Fishes' fine work and extend ministry to homeless during the day , we are working to provide a day center at our fellowship facilities. The day center's operating hours will be Monday to Friday 9 to 3. This center offers a place to take a break to decompress, rest a little in a small lounge with TV and a DVD library. Those coming will have access to the following opportunities and resources:
* Lunch 11 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday. * Online job search and application submission assistance.
* Help in developing cover letters and resumes. * Use of fax, phone, and e-mail address set up. * Internet access via two workstation computers.
* Personal thumb drive to store files for permanent storage. * Wi-Fi Internet access for personal devices.
* Transportation on a limited basis for local trips. *  Pastoral Counseling and support network development.
* Special classes on job interviewing skills and general life skills.
Small Start Towards a Full Center
Our ministry has been doing counseling and recovery work since 1988.  Our fellowship specializes in facilitating Biblical recovery, helping wounded people overcome instability and work through crisis-- to get a jump start in getting life back. Our vision is expanding our day center to become a full-service crisis ministry annex. However, for now our goal is to effectively help at least 15 people per day.
We Need Your Help
We have the calling, training, experience, and willingness, but frankly, we can't do this work without your help. The most important need is financial help in providing lunch daily, Monday through Friday, for up to 25 people. Because we do not have our own commercial kitchen we need to purchase or have donated pre-packaged store-bought items and wrapped sandwiches. Our day center is located on the Abbey campus here in Canon City. The Abbey Event Center, as well as the Friendship House at the Home are providing us cost price to provide individual sandwiches for our Day Center clients.

These two organizations are close by and will make fresh sandwiches for those coming to our day center. We also need other single serve items for lunch, please see our needs page to choose how to best support this community work.
Giving a hand up, not a hand out
  Helping the homeless and those in crisis begin recovery.
JSL Homeless Day Center is a ministry of
MCI Recovery Ministries