Helping the homeless and those in crisis begin recovery.
Giving a hand up, not a hand out
There are many ways that you can help support JSL Day Center and your community. You may be unable to help us physically at the center, however, your contributions and prayers are like artillery and air support for the ground troops. This work can't succeed without team effort.

Review your options below, then choose the best way that you can help. This is not a hand-out program that enables lethargy and hopelessness.
Remember, you are helping us give a jump-start to the homeless and those in crisis
  --  a helpful boost to get life moving in the right direction.

Dropping Off Packaged Food Donations:
Mondays: All JSL staff are volunteers, so please plan your donation drop off on Mondays between 9AM  and 4PM. Print the PDF needs list to have when you go grocery shopping, then add what can from the list to help. Thank You. NEEDS LIST
Sponsor a Sandwich for a homeless person:
One sandwich a day cost $2.50 to be made. Sandwiches have to be pre-made in a commercial kitchen. We provide lunch M-F - To sponsor a sandwich for one homeless person for a month is $50.00, thus if you wanted to sponsor a sandwich for more than one person per month, use $50.00 as a multiple, example 3 people for a month would be $150.00 a month. Calculate the number of people per month you choose to support and enter the amount when you make your donation. You will have an option of making a one time donation, or set up a recurring monthly donation for the amount you enter. You can cancel your automatic monthly donation at anytime. If donations exceed demand, those donations will be applied to MC Chapel Fellowship's general fund - in support of our overall recovery ministries. 
Financially support this ministry:
MC Chapel Fellowship: Your monthly support for our fellowship will help provide additional support for the Jump Start Life Day Center. Your donations will be applied to the operational and administrative expenses of MC Chapel Fellowship. THANK YOU!
Don't forget to consider making this donation to recur monthly. You will find this option when you start your donation process.
Mail to:
MC Chapel Fellowship
PO Box 857
Canon City, CO 81212

Indicate how to apply your donation on the your check or money order. Thank you.
JSL Homeless Day Center is a ministry of
MCI Recovery Ministries